Nature Love Stories

Let’s choose to be enchanted by all the wonderful things that happen in nature - by the natural world where whales dream and plants talk to each other.

These beautiful and fascinating things happen every day, all around us, as the world endures our battles.  I hope that you will too join me in sharing your own stories from nature, from your backyard, wherever in the world that may be because I believe it’s through those explorations the answers will reveal themselves. The answers being how to care for each other and the environment in a way that speaks to our values, purpose and our shared experience of life.


Featured Projects

Nature Love Stories / TEDx Sydney 2019

The ocean is our backyard, and its creatures aren’t hidden in the depths and darkness of the sea. Whales, seals, and many others are experiencing their life just like us; they rely on oxygen just like we do, they sing, they love they dance and cry just like we do.

Nature Love Stories short film premiered at TEDx Sydney 2019

Film by Michaela Skovranova

Music by Troels Thomasen

Co Edit by Andy Hatton

Instagram IGTV / Life Underwater with @mishkusk

Learn more about free-diving photographer and filmmaker Michaela Skovranova (@mishkusk) and her work under the sea.

Film by Michaela Skovranova

Produced by Instagram

 Bloom Project - Byron Bay Michaela Skovranova

National Geographic Your Shot Underwater Beauty Assignment / Curator

Underwater photography is an ever-changing adventure. Down below, we get to experience the wonderful feeling of weightlessness. Our senses become heightened, and the freedom of mind that comes with it can be a powerful form of meditation. With every passing second, minute, hour, and day, the ocean shifts and changes. No one single moment is the same.
This assignment encourages us to discover not only the physical environment found in underwater, but also to explore the spirituality, challenges, and freedom this world inspires. Underwater beauty assignment invites us to celebrate one of the most important ecosystems in the world by photographing the beauty found underwater.