Nature Love Stories - TEDX Sydney 2019

Nature Love Stories

The ocean is our backyard, and its creatures aren’t hidden in the depths and darkness of the sea. Whales, seals, and many others are experiencing their life just like us; they rely on oxygen just like we do, they sing, they love they dance and cry just like we do.

The freestanding exhibition, projection and sound installation encourages the exploration of our shared experience of life. It invites us to listen to the conversations within nature and to be enchanted by it - by the natural world where whales dream and creatures talk to each other. These beautiful things happen every day, all around us as the earth endures it’s battles.

The interactive exhibition aims to create a safe space for us to create our own connections to the natural environment and to explore our own fundamental truth. I believe it’s through those explorations the answers will reveal themselves. The answers being how to care for each other and the environment in a way that speaks to our values, purpose and our shared experience of life.

Nature Love Stories - Stills Exhibition

These images have been created off the coast of The Kingdom of Tonga and Australia, in the waters off Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia covering vast regions of the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Southern Reef. All the images have been documented in few metres of water, mostly on breath hold, highlighting our need for mutual life support system - oxygen