freediver with humpback whales

Michaela Skovranova is an Australian based photographer, filmmaker and Olympus Visionary. Michaela’s primary focus has been documenting the environment, wildlife and human relationship with nature in and around the ocean. In 2014 she travelled to Tonga to document the annual humpback whale migration returning again in 2015 and 2016 to continue the project with the support of Olympus Australia. In 2016 she set sail to Antarctica and documented the ocean and the weather both above and below the sea.

Since 2017 she completed a number of projects around Australia documenting the Great Australian Bight for Greenpeace Australia and coral reefs in far North Queensland for National Geographic. On World Ocean's Day 2018 she completed the first ever underwater live video in Australia for National Geographic Australia Planet or Plastic campaign focusing on the impact plastic has on the marine ecosystem. She has amassed a variety of awards including being named on Photoboite’s list of 30 Under 30 Women Photographers.

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Instagram @mishkusk